What is the Srahha app?

Srahha, it is a platform to receive anonymous messages from friends and relatives by publishing your link on social networks, and in this way you will receive anonymous messages that enhance your confidence and increase your personal strength.

How can I get messages ?

Once you create the account on the Srahha, you will have your own link, you can publish it with your friends or on the social media networks, and your friends will click on that link, and then your box will appear to them and they will be able to write messages to you anonymously.

Can I know the name of the sender?

The application has been frankness built on anonymous messages and therefore we cannot determine the sender’s name and his message remains anonymous.

How can I create an account?

To create an account, you only have to choose quick login via Facebook or Google, or you can create a new account through your email.

How do I prevent annoying messages?

If you received some spam, you can enable the option to prevent messages that contain offensive words from the application's settings.

Report abuse

In the event that you watch one of the users who abuse the application, you only need to click on the reporting button in his profile and our team will review the reporting and take the required action as soon as possible.